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C.E.C.B. provides its customers with the tools, expertise and experience they require in a variety of customs related areas in order to fulfill their vision.

tax and customs services

Survey team

Conducting a survey and having a thorough understanding of the organization contributes to better professional performance.

Training team

The Company is capable of providing training in all areas of tax and customs activity and operations.

IT team

C.E.B.C. IT personnel specializes in establishing advanced computer systems for tax and customs.

Tax authority team

The team specializes in providing structural and operational solutions in order to optimize the tax collection system in the country.

Technological team

As part of our professional service portfolio, we offer the procurement, installation and operations of advance technological systems.

Risk managment team

Advanced tax and customs procedures require working within a risk management framework.

Security team

We offer a comprehensive security analysis of all the internal and external threats and dangers to which the organization and the State are exposed


Doron Arbely

Former Director of the israeli tax authority


Ami Segal

former Head of Israel Customs

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